The Seeker released!

It’s time we put up a story that took us in a different direction for a while. The Seeker started as a character drawing for a short comic that we were going to do for a friend’s zine, but it never ended up happening. We sat on it for a long time, and after wrapping up ED #2, we wanted to branch out a little and publish a book that wasn’t an Esoteric Dialogue title. We used it as an opportunity to experiment with a different approach. Things really started to take shape when we decided to not use panels, and take more of an illustrated poem approach with the stanzas of the poem being complemented by a single illustration.

The story follows a lone traveler who is followed by Fear and Solitude, his companions that he travels with. On his quest for Love, the Seeker wanders the earth with his companions and confronts the loneliness and anxiety that comes with the choices he makes.

We also wanted to do something different with the overall aesthetic of the book itself so we added paper textures to the covers and inside pages to replicate the look of an old tome.

The Seeker isn’t a happy story, but it’s an honest one. It’s a reflection on avoidance and the fears and comforts of solitude. It’s a story of doubt, and eventually, regret. It’s a story about self and making choices.

We’re releasing the story into the wild for all to read. You can purchase a print copy in the sidebar and read it for free on the website. Enjoy! -SB

CAKE 2017

What an awesome show! It was great to catch up with some people we haven’t seen in a while and meet more comics creators. Got to table next to Jared from Retrofit / Big Planet. Simon Hanselmann told me he was going to read our comics while taking a shit. Cool! And the trades! One of the best things about going to comics shows as a creator. CAKE never disappoints.