Just enough time for a Short Run in Seattle

I got the opportunity to table at Short Run Seattle this last weekend on Halloween. I always hoped that making comics would give me more reason to travel. I had never been to Seattle, but I’ve always understood the place as a station for comics creators. That certainly proved true from all the great material I saw at the convention.
ttcshortrun15The biggest problem was that the show was only one day and the only time I could bring myself to leave my table for more than five minutes at a time was in the last hour of the show. I ran around like a fiend desperately looking for his next fix trading copies of Esoteric Dialogue for the coolest comics I could find.


From Pube Smoke 2 by Max Clotfelter

Cover of Eat Eat Eat by Tom Van Deusen

Cover of Eat Eat Eat by Tom Van Deusen

Cover of Fante Bukowski by Noah Van Sciver

Cover of Fante Bukowski by Noah Van Sciver

I also managed to stumble upon a dusty antiques shop underneath the Pike Place Market full of strange oddities like this 1962 issue of Masonic Quarterly that is brimming with free market economic philosophy and old ads about the Space Needle.masonIMG

We’ll be at Short Run in Seattle!

The good people at Short Run deemed us worthy to table at the show on October 31 in Seattle. And, even though we didn’t win the Dash Grant, they gave us a little write-up on ShortRun.org:

We were super impressed with Esoteric #1 and #2, floppy comics that are filled with weird and wonderful lizard people, aliens, eyeball creatures, the Illuminati, and incredible drawing (we thought at one point they got Kim Deitch to draw for them!). Matthew Salazar, as the illustrator, changes up his style in the different stories written by Scott Bufis. They are a great team!

Many thanks to the Short Run team.

See ya at the show.


Poster by Jim Woodring