ED #2 Review on Comics Anonymous

G-Man over at Comics Anonymous has delivered another thought-out interpretation of one of our books in his review of Esoteric Dialogue #2. While you’re over there, check out the other reviews on the site – it’s full of honest, critical reviews on an eclectic mix of genres and creators.

Read it here!

Excerpt from the review:

“The cult, underground vibe to Esoteric Dialogue makes this an intriguing title to read and then reflect on as an obvious tale for entertainment rests on the surface as a subtle slap in the face from reality bubbles under the surface.  Great work again from the team.” -G-Man

ED#1 Review on Comics Anonymous

The first published review of Esoteric Dialogue #1 has been posted on Comics Anonymous! G-Man’s write-up delves into the themes of the book as he sees them, and he gives an insightful overview of the story at hand. I gotta admit – you don’t always know how people will interpret a story like ED#1, but even if just a few people take away the kind of impression G-Man did, I’ll be a happy author. Read the article here.

From the review:

“Writer Scott Bufis & artist Matthew Salazar create a comic with a familiar style as the first few pages have a real R.Crumb/American Splendor feel to it and it tells a fairly important & unique story…..at least for a comic book.  It centres around trying to reveal the truth about the world we live in and uses the comic book medium as a limitless choice to tell us exactly that.”