We’ll be at Short Run in Seattle!

The good people at Short Run deemed us worthy to table at the show on October 31 in Seattle. And, even though we didn’t win the Dash Grant, they gave us a little write-up on ShortRun.org:

We were super impressed with Esoteric #1 and #2, floppy comics that are filled with weird and wonderful lizard people, aliens, eyeball creatures, the Illuminati, and incredible drawing (we thought at one point they got Kim Deitch to draw for them!). Matthew Salazar, as the illustrator, changes up his style in the different stories written by Scott Bufis. They are a great team!

Many thanks to the Short Run team.

See ya at the show.


Poster by Jim Woodring

ED #2 Review on Comics Anonymous

G-Man over at Comics Anonymous has delivered another thought-out interpretation of one of our books in his review of Esoteric Dialogue #2. While you’re over there, check out the other reviews on the site – it’s full of honest, critical reviews on an eclectic mix of genres and creators.

Read it here!

Excerpt from the review:

“The cult, underground vibe to Esoteric Dialogue makes this an intriguing title to read and then reflect on as an obvious tale for entertainment rests on the surface as a subtle slap in the face from reality bubbles under the surface. ¬†Great work again from the team.” -G-Man