In addition to making our own original stories, we are also available for commissioned work.

Types of projects:

  • Comic booklets/pamphlets
  • Album covers
  • Posters
  • Website designs
  • Educational/informational material
  • Editing/consultation
  • Other projects involving art, design, writing, etc.

The mediums we utilize depend on the project at hand. We can work with you no matter what medium or approach you have in mind.


final cover 1

cd cover 2

final cover ghmlDeath is a Dream cover and album art. Pen & ink. The second album by Daytona Beach, Florida horror rock band, Harum Scarum.

page2page3page4z back page EN

Amazing Allies: Grizzly Edition. Pen & ink. An informational comic booklet on human-bear interactions commissioned by The National Wildlife Refuge Association and The Eurasia Foundation.

4854035_origBoar’s Head Painting. Mixed medium.

9146477_origSmall Peak. Mixed medium.

3994216_origNature Traffic. Mixed medium.

collage-51-278x300A Feast of Generations. Album cover collage.

collage-4-973x1024Brothers. Album cover collage.

8767488_origBefore the Sunrise. Collage.

5218516_origMothman Paintbrush. Collage.

7299333_origSelf Improvement. Collage.

6861811_origEngineer. Collage.

Please contact us via email with any inquiries at