pg1pg2Published in Lumpen Magazine, No. 126, Fall 2015. Chicago, IL. www.lumpenmagazine.org

detfreewill1detfreewill2Published in The Kilgore Quarterly, No. 3, Spring 2013. Denver, CO. www.kilgorebooks.com/


joey shows denverInspired by a good friend and artist, Joey Thate. www.joeythate.org


the mallObservations from living above the 16th Street Mall.




Homeless StAug clean“There’s a big difference between living and existing.”

“Which are you doing?” I ask.

“Well, I used to have a life – back when I had two-million in the bank.”  He pauses and stares down at the gray concrete, his back arched forward and knees spread.  “But now I’m more like those other guys: I don’t do anything!”

-From a conversation with Dollar Bill

Moral Support clean


FortheBirds#3 clean

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